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Horton Plains Excursion, Sri Lanka

Region: hill-country | Location: Nuwara Eliya
Sri Lanka Horton Plains
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The Horton Plains form an undulating plateau more than 200m high, about 20Km south of Nuwara Eliya. The plains are beautiful, silent, strange world with some excellent works. The most famous and stunning feature is the World’s End, where the plains come to a suddenly to an end and drop almost straight down for 700m. It is one of the most awesome sights in Sri Lanka, but sometimes views can be obscured by mist. Dawn or very early morning usually recommended but most travel during mid morning or late afternoon to see this natural wonder in Horton Plains.

Horton Plains is a national park now. So there are entrance fees that apply. Once this land used to roam with herds of elephants but most of them were shot by colonial hunters in early 20th century. But the land is still home to leopards, sambur, deer, bear, monkeys and a rich array of birds, including some endemic species. The Horton Plains are popular with birdwatchers. Endemics include the yellow eared bulbul, the fantailed warbler, the ashy headed babbler, and more.

The walk to World's End is almost 3.5 kilometres from the entrance along a flat path which winds through grasslands decked in pin-dot flowers and beneath vaulting spurts of jungle. The Horton Plans can be cold in the early mornings and late afternoons/early evening so you will need long trousers and a sweater. Midway you will reach Little World's End, a prelude to the stupendous view and the vertical drop that will confront you at World's End. Continue onward and you can descend to Non Pareil Estate. Those who wish to return have a choice. They can retrace their steps and take the shorter route back, or choose the more undulating path that skirts the stream most of the way and that takes them to Baker's Falls - a beautiful, resounding cascade.

Visitors to the park can follow from 1.5Km up to 10km loop that incorporates all of the spectacular features, enabling you to enjoy them while adhering to the strict rules for environment protection and nature conservation. To learn more about Horton Plains, read our Horton Plains article by clicking here.

Horton Plains Tour Excursion Includes:

The standard tour excursion to the Horton Plains includes below.

⁕ Entrance Fees to the park
⁕ One morning or afternoon hike which could take between 2-4 hours.
⁕ A tour guide to hike with you to the World’s End.
⁕ Optional expert naturalist for serious birdwatchers and wildlife lovers.
⁕ Government Wild Life Department Tracker (Ranger).

Speak to us to add Horton Plains National Park to your itinerary. Wear strong and comfortable walking shoes, a hat, sunglasses and lots of water. Bring sunscreen. Weather can change very quickly at Horton Plans, so be prepared.

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 Sinharaja Rain Forest’s biodiversity makes it one of Sri Lanka’s seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Sinharaja Rain Forest is a great location for general wildlife enthusiasts and a must for bird watchers.

Sri Lanka Horton PlainsHorton PlainsNuwara Eliyahill country
 Horton Plains is one of the most popular and a unique natural attraction in Sri Lanka. It is located 2000m high plateau 28km south of Nuwara Eliya and its known for its beautiful landscapes, rare plants, animal life and World’s End where the plains comes suddenly to an end.

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Sri Lanka Kandy Evening Cultural Dance ShowKandy Evening Cultural Dance ShowKandyhill country
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Sri Lanka Rawana EllaRawana EllaEllahill country
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Sri Lanka BelihuloyaBelihuloyaEllahill country
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Sri Lanka Wilpattu National ParkWilpattu National ParkEllahill country
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 Arguably there is no better way to experience Sri Lanka’s incredible hill country than to take to Sri Lanka’s iconic rail network that dates back to the period of British colonial rule that is still as charming as it was then.

Sri Lanka Highlands Tea Plantation and Tea FactoryHighlands Tea Plantation and Tea FactoryNuwara Eliyahill country
 Drive through the stunning highlands of Sri Lanka, you will realise why Sri Lanka is one of the world's largest exporters of tea and is where the renowned standard of ‘Ceylon Tea' comes from.

Sri Lanka Millennium Elephant FoundationMillennium Elephant FoundationKegallehill country
 The Millennium Elephant Foundation, come Experience, Volunteer and Rescue these Gentle Giants and give them a second chance for a life they deserve.

Sri Lanka Maximus Jumbo Poo Paper ProjectMaximus Jumbo Poo Paper ProjectKandyhill country
 Experience the ingenious concept of conservation through 'Jumbo Poo Paper'. Introducing Maximus (Pvt) Ltd, which specialises in the production of this eco friendly and elephant aided paper, the company also aids in the conservation of elephants.

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Train Journey from Colombo to KandySri Lanka Train Journey from Colombo to KandyKandyhill country
 The Colombo to Kandy train ride is a deservedly popular Sri Lanka train journey to take to get an up-close feel for Sri Lanka’s dramatic, scenic landscape, and, in just three hours, takes you from sweltering coastal lowlands to cool inland hills.

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 The Sri Lanka train tour from Kandy to Ella is one of the finest in Asia and maybe even one of the world’s great rail journeys. The scenic beauty you will experience on the Kandy to Ella train route via Nuwara Eliya is something you will never forget. Talk to Travel Sri Lanka about including this excursion in your holiday.

Sri Lanka Ella GapElla GapEllahill country
 Of all the things to see in Sri Lanka Ella Gap offers one of the most spectacular panorama vistas in the south of the country through a narrow cleft in the hills down to the plains below. The whole route to Ella is amazing but most stunning of all is Ella Gap itself.

Sri Lanka England vs Sri Lanka 5th ODIEngland vs Sri Lanka 5th ODIKandyhill country
 England vs Sri Lanka 5th One Day International on 10 December 2014 in Kandy

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