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No Tours for this section Excursion, Sri Lanka

Region: east-coast | Location: Arugam Bay
Sri Lanka No Tours for this section
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Arugam Bay

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Tours to the Arugam Bay Region, Sri Lanka


Excursions of the east-coast Region, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka No Tours for this sectionNo Tours for this sectionArugam Bayeast coast
 Located in the southeast coast of Sri Lanka, this famous spot of Sri Lankan coast is home to one of the island’s premier surfing destinations, affected by the tsunami which hit Sri Lanka in 2004 the region has bounced back with a vengeance to claim its title as one of Sri Lanka’s prime beach territories. Now Arugam Bay is home to many famous chains of hotels and a collection of vibrant guest houses and restaurants along the beach. Arugam Bay is also famous for its lagoon which in turn bring quite a few ardent ornithologists to view some of the many species which live in and around the area. Arugam Bay is also home to a few archeological digs which have been adding steadily to the wealth of Sri Lanka’s cultural and rich heritage.

Sri Lanka No Tours for this SectionNo Tours for this SectionPasekudaheast coast
 Passekudah is located in the city of Batticaloa and is famous for its pristine beaches and year round warm waters; in which dwell some of the island’s rare coral formations and colourful indigenous species of saltwater fish. The region is visited by tourists all year round and is a hot spot for sunbathers, surfers, snorkelling and diving expeditions. The white sandy beaches of Passekudah, Batticaloa are a must see for those wishing to experience a tropical beach in paradise.

Sri Lanka No Tours for this sectionNo Tours for this sectionTrincomaleeeast coast
 Aquatic activities are a must try in Trincomalee, the region is famous for its breathtaking underwater vistas of coral and salt water fish which attract many snorkelers and divers all year round. The worlds largest mammals too visit the warm coastal waters of Trincomalee presenting visitors with a rare opportunity to see these gentle giants and they trawl the waters off shore for their favourite plankton meal.

Hotels related to Arugam Bay Region, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Arugam Bay Surf ResortArugam Bay Surf ResortUnclassifiedArugam BayHotelBeach Stay

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