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Yala National Park Tour Excursion, Sri Lanka

Region: south-coast | Location: Yala
Sri Lanka Yala National Park Tour
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Yala West National Park is located to the southeast of the island and is well recognised as one of the best parks in the world to observe and photograph leopards. The park covers an area of over 100,000 hectares and its main physical features are sand dunes, lagoons, dry river/stream beds, rocky outdrops and scrub/thorn forest.

Yala National Park is located 300km from Colombo in the south east dry semi-arid climatic region and rain is received mainly during the northeast monsoon. The national park hosts a variety of ecosystems ranging from moist monsoon forests to freshwater and marine wetlands.This National Park is renowned for its variety of its Wildlife (most notably the 30+ endangered leopards), its fine coastline and scenic ocean front. Yala has one of the highest Leopard density found anywhere in the world.

There is also a substantial elephant population in Yala. The elephant herd of Yala contains between 300–350 individuals. However, the elephant population of the park varies seasonally. There is also Spotted deer, Sambar, Wild buffalo, Sloth bear, Jackal, Mongoose, Pangolins and Crocodiles.

Yala National Park is also home to an abundant bird life; over 140 species have recorded so far within the park. Changeable Hawk Eagle, Crested serpent Eagle, Malabar pied Hornbill, Jungle fowl, White Ibis and Black-necked Stork are just a few species that can be commonly seen in the park, not to mention migratory species such as Flamingos and Painted Stork.

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This Excursion Inlcudes

The Yala National Park can only be accessed by 4WD vehicle. At the Yala National Park, it is possible to take a full day jeep safaris or to split your day into morning and afternoon drives. During the safari, there's a experienced and knowledgeable government Wild Life Department Tracker (Ranger) with you at all times, not only to take care of you, but to impart his knowledge of the local area and its attractions.

For large groups, we also provide a Naturalist. The presence of a qualified Naturalist further ensures that our guests are provided with detailed knowledge about the environment & everything from mammals to trees, flowers, birds, butterflies, reptiles, amphibians, insects, etc. For some of our specialist tours such as Bird Safari and Bird Photography in the parks, we always provide a Naturalist who specialise in the tour subject.

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