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About the north west region of Sri Lanka

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The North Western Province of Sri Lanka, culturally named the Wayamba Province encompasses many famous regions of the Island; some of which are the Dolphin and Whale spotting areas off the shores of Kalpitiya and one of the island’s largest natural lagoons in Puttalam, the region of Puttalam is also famous for its largely untouched natural wilderness such as the Wilpattu National Park in which a large number of the Island’s endemic species of fauna and flora call home. An area of booming ‘Eco Tourism’ the North West of Sri Lanka has much to offer.
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The North West of Sri Lanka is one of island’s provinces; culturally the region has been named the Wayamba Province and is divided into two large districts, the districts of Kurunegala and Puttalam, with Kurunegala as the regions administrative capital. Another large town of the territory is the area of Chilaw. The region contributes to the island’s economy by way of its numerous coconut and rubber plantations, and the many small fishing towns and villages which are renowned for their skills at prawn farming.

The region of Puttalam has a diverse history and plays a major part in Sri Lanka’s culture and lore. Believed to be the area in which the first ancient Sri Lankan’s set foot on the island’s soil the region is dotted with many ancient sites which portray this great event. The region is largely untouched by modern development and tourism which makes it an ideal area for the new trending adventures of eco-tourism. The regions expansive land area plays host to a wide array of endemic fauna and flora. A safari to the Wilpattu National park which is situated in Puttalam is the place to go in which visitors can catch a glimpse of Sri Lanka’s rare and exotic plant and animal life in their natural surroundings. The iconic tanks which gather water for this dry zone region are nerve centres which attract much wildlife for its life giving water, these ‘tanks’ were constructed by the ancient royals of Sri Lanka who designed them with the purpose of catching the yearly monsoon rains and store them for the dry period which is the longer spans of climate in the region.

Famous tourist hotspots in Sri Lanka’s North Western province are the regions of Kalpitiya and Puttalam, both of which are located along the shores of Puttalam lagoon which is one of the Islands largest. Aside from the regions picturesque lagoon and tranquil waters, the region also boasts are large population of Dolphins and Whales that frequent the waters off of Sri Lanka’s North Western coast. Tours can be arranged in the area to view these playful and majestic mammals.

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