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Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Bird Watching
Choosing a holiday can be agonising, especially if you’re a birder – but what if you want to see more than birds, or you have a partner or family who are less keen than yourself? We have the perfect solution in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has something to offer everyone. But for birders the country boasts an impressive range of habitats and 430 bird species of which about 26 are endemic (depending on your taxonomy) a number of others are shared only with the Western Ghats of southern India. A typical Sri Lanka Bird Watching tour could take in an ancient city, botanical gardens, national parks, nature reserves or wildlife sanctuary. These sites are ideal for anyone and not just for birder.

One of 26 bird species unique to the island is the Sri Lanka Woodpigeon, a shy inhabitant of highland forests.
Nuwara Ellya is the best site fo Kashmir Flycatcher, which winters almost exclusively in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Magpie, one of the country's most colourful endemics, occurs In the forest at Sinharaja, Sri Lanka's best birding site.
Cultural sites are a bonus on a birding holiday: this colossal statue of Lord Buddha graces the Wevurukannala Temple In southern Sri Lanka.
The Impressive fortress at Sigirya, rising 600 feet above the plains, is popular with tourists and birds alike.

Armed with a professional bird guide and with a partner who is less fanatical bird watcher, we setoff to explore the delights of this gem of an island, Sri Lanka. Our mission was to see all the endemics as well as taking in some of the cultural sites.


A visit to the wetland sanctuaries of Bellanwrla and Muthurajawela (near Negombo Lagoon) a short distance to thenorthof the Capital and only 15 minutes from the Colombo International Airport, is a good place to start to get your first taste of some of the country's more familiar birds: Pond Herons, various egrets, Brahminy Kites, Red-wattled Lapwings, Ring-necked Parakeets, Koels, Common Mynas and hordes of House and Jungle Crows. Rather more unusual in global terms are Black Bitterns, which are surprisingly easy to see.


In the best tradition of saving the highlights to the end, it is best to head initially to thenorthpart of Sri Lanka into the dry zone, to the ancient city of Anuradhapura in the Northern Central Province. There is plenty to see on the way and a journey which should only take two or three hours can last all day if you decide to stop and observe the colourful tropical nature of Sri Lanka.

Anuradhapura is an ancient capital of Sri Lanka and was home to a long succession of Sinhalese kings - spanning 14 centuries. The cultural heritage here is magnificent and there are countless temples, stupas and shrines in celebration of strong Buddhist faith on this island of Sri Lanka.

There are plenty of birds around Anuradhapura. Not surprisingly, waterbirds abound in the extensive wetlands and elegant Pheasant-tailed Jacanas are a familiar sight. Obligingly, they were all in their long-tailed breeding plumage during our visit.

We were not expecting endemics in this area, but Sri Lanka Junglefowl were vocal in the mornings in the dense undergrowth and was very shy. Tree enthusiasts won't want to miss the sacred Bo tree, reputed to have grown from a sapling of the tree under which Lord Buddha gained enlightenment.

To the west of Anuradhapura is the Wilpattu National Park which has recently been popular with some tourists since reopened in March, 2010. It is just a matter of time before it becomes a popular eco-tourism destination. Wilpattu National Park spanning from Anuradhapura to the northwest coast (50 km to the west of the Anuradhapura) covering an impressive 425 sq miles, the park is Sri Lanka 's largest. Wilpattu National Park has nearly sixty lakes and tanks with an excellent bird population due to the wetlands. Some of the wetland bird species that can be found in Wilpattu National Park includes Garganey, Pin tail, Whistling teal, Spoonbill, White ibis, Large white egret, Cattle egret and Purple heron.


To the south-east Polonnaruwa succeeded Anuradhapura as the country's capital – another major cultural site, with large number of ruined temples, stupas, sculptures and several giant statues of Loard Buddha carved out of rock face. Elephants are common in the surrounding forests, but not easy to see. Our driver new a road which the elephants sometimes cross and sure enough, we spotted one lurking in the dense roadside vegetation, exactly as predicted. Another reward came even later when we surprised another on the road after darkness had fallen.

Pass Polonnaruwa to east of the country there are several national parks, Wasgamuwa National Park and Maduru Oya National Park. These parks are great eco locations but yet to be explored by travellers to Sri Lanka. Maduru Oya National Park is located in the Dry zone and is 314 km away from Colombo. Lesser Adjutant, Wooly necked stork, open bill, painted stork, Racket tailed Drongo, Yellow fronted barbet, Sri Lanka Junglefowl & Spurfowl are among the over 100 species of birds found within the park.


Perhaps the most amazing cultural site of all is the fortress of Sigiriya. Rising 600 feet above the plains, this giant plug of rock houses an improbable palace on its flat summit and some ancient cave paintings halfway up. The climb is steep and exhausting but the sight of Peregrines chasing swifts against this spectacular panoramic backdrop is breathtaking. Down below, in the surrounding grounds, formal gardens with ponds flanked the mad leading to the rock, while nearby, more wetlands and forest provided great birding – nothing particularly unusual as far as endemics were concerned, but wintering Indian Pitta is not to be sneezed at.


Kandy lies at the heart of the Central Highlands and is another important cultural centre, steeped in history. It too was a former Sinhalese capital and was last kingdom in Sri Lanka to fall into colonial hands. The Temple of Tooth Relic is a major tourist attraction and nearby, the Udawattakele Forest Reserve provides some excellent birding within the city limits. Layard's Parakeet, Golden-fronted Leafbird, Blue-winged Leafbird, Spotted Dove, Emerald Dove, Tickell's Blue Flycatcher, Yellow-fronted Barbet, Crimson-fronted Barbet, Brown-headed Barbet and Black-backed Kingfisher are common in the forest. Red-faced Malkoha and Kashmir Flycatcher are two birds listed as threatened that can be found in UdawattaKele.

Having reached the wet zone we started clocking up the endemics. Four species of parakeet in one flowering tree (including the endemic Layard's Parakeet) was ideal for comparison purposes, together with the tiny Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot.Yellow-fronted and Crimson-fronted Barbets were also easily found in this area.

Our stay was brief and soon we were climbing into the hills, the road twisting and turning through endless tea plantations, to the former colonial retreat of Nuwara Eliya. Victoria Park, in the town itself, is a busy place yet we managed to find Pied Ground Thrush. The birds themselves are moderately wary but seem unconcerned by all the bustle of the town.

A little further out, Hakgala Botanical Gardens is a good place to mop up a handful of endemic species such as Dull-blue Flycatcher, Yellow-eared Bulbul and Sri Lankan White-eye.

Nuwara Eliya

Other highland specialities are easier to find in the picturesque Horton Plains National Park. A pre-dawn start is needed for one of the hardest species, the Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush, as dawn is the best time to find this Inexplicably shy bird. Just as light was breaking, a weak burst of song gave the bird away and it was quickly located in the half tight. Other endemics such as Sri Lanka Bush Warbler and Sit Lanka Woodpigeon fell in quick succession and we were back in Nuwara Eliya for a late breakfast.

Golden-fronted-Leafbird open-bill Sri-Lanka-Junglefowl Lesser-Adjutant Wooly-necked-stork

Sinharaja Rainforest

Undoubtedly the single best birding site in Sri Lanka is Sinharaja Rainforest. This magnificent piece of lowland and foothill forest is easily accessible from Ratnapura, a town famous for gemstones. You will need an early start from Ratnapura to visit Sinharaja Rainforest. As we rumbled along the last stretch of rough track into the park, a brown lump on a roadside branch caught our eyes. We were rewarded with a Sri Lanka Frogmouth, a much sought after nocturnal species.

A wide track through the forest makes birding relatively easy in Sinharaja, but there are few side trails. The leeches can be bad at times (mainly after rain), but were localised. Birds here travel around in 'bird waves'- large, loose mixed flocks which passes randomly through the forest. We saw nothing for the first two hours but when the first bird wave came through it was race against time to see as many as of its component species as possible. Orange-billed Babblers and Ashy-headed Laughing Thrushes were the most numerous and most visible members of the flocks, with smaller numbers of various other species. Gorgeous Malabar Trogons and the spectacular Red-faced Malkoha are also found here.

With its impossibly red bill, legs and eye-ring, the Sri Lanka Magpie is one of the best-looking endemics. Inside the forest, we watched a pair persistently attacking a tree trunk - eventually a huge hairy spider retreated from the tree. On the forest floor, Spot-winged Thrushes performed well, as did the local race of Scaly Thrush (possibly a separate species).

During the day we tracked down the remaining endemics of the area: Sri Lanka Spurfowl, Chestnut-backed Owlet White-faced Starling, the Sri Lanka Myna, Brown-capped Babbler and Legge's Flowerpecker and, by the end of the day, had only one left to see, the rather shy Green-billed Coucal. The forest guard who came with us told about an occupied nest near the headquarters. What a stroke of luck! He took us to an isolated tree in a clearing and pointed out a well hidden large ball of dead vegetation. We waited, and waited. At last, as our time was almost up, a coucal suddenly appeared and our hearts sank - it was the wrong species! We couldn't wait any longer, it was time to leave.

Kumana National Park

For bird watching enthusiasts, Kumana National Park is an 'absolute must'. Kumana National Park is one of the most important bird nesting and breeding grounds in Sri Lanka. Over 250 species of birds have been recorded in the national park. One of the most significant features of the park is the 'Kumana Villu' - a 200 hectare natural swamp lake, fed by the 'Kumbukkan Oya' through a half mile long narrow channel. During April–July months tens of thousands of birds migrate to the Kumana swamp area annually. Rare species such as Black-necked Stork, Lesser Adjutant, Eurasian Spoonbill, and Great Thick-knee are breeding inhabitants of the Kumana villu. Pintail Snipes migrate here from Siberia. Asian Openbill, Glossy Ibis, Purple Heron, Great Egret, Indian Pond Heron, Black-crowned Night Heron, Intermediate Egret, Little Egret, Spot-billed Pelican, Indian Cormorant, Little Cormorant, Common Moorhen, Watercock, Purple Swamphen, White-breasted Waterhen, Pheasant-tailed Jacana, Black-winged Stilt, Lesser Whistling Duck and Little Grebe are the bird species migrate here in large flocks. Among the rare birds that migrate to the swap include Yellow-footed Green Pigeon, Greater Racket-tailed Drongo, Malabar Trogon, Red-faced Malkoha, and Sirkeer Malkoha.


We had only scratched the surface. We had achieved 25 of the 26 endemics in just five days! Sri Lanka is a great place for bird lovers and for family members who might not be bird lovers. There is something for everyone here.

This feature is based on a feature originally published in Bird Watching - Britain's top-selling wild-bird magazine.

When to go: November to April is the best time to visit. In addition to being the driest season, a host of wintering species is an added bonus. But it will be more expensive since it is the peak season for tourism in Sri Lanka.

Where to go: Most of the endemics can be found in the wet zone in the southern part of the country. Essential areas to visit include Sinharaja, Nuwara Eliya, Horton Plains and Kumana National Park.

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Sri Lanka Soft Adventure Tour and Beach HolidaySri Lanka Soft Adventure Tour and Beach Holidayfrom £1229 
Sri Lanka is home to a range of ecologies that a few countries can boast about; this is why, with the aid of our experienced holiday specialists, an adventure themed holiday by us will be like none other you ever experienced before. Be it white water rafting , exploring the deep jungles of Sri Lanka’s heart land or exploring the caves of historical significance to the great saga of the Ramayana in the highlands, we can assure you that if it is adventure you desire we will plan a holiday that you will remember forever.

Sri Lanka Elephant Insight Mini Tour and Beach HolidaySri Lanka Elephant Insight Mini Tour and Beach Holidayfrom £1089 
Giving you a detailed insight into the lives of Sri Lanka’s pachyderm population and swinging by some of the best stretches of coast Sri Lanka has to offer, the Elephant Insight Mini Tour and Beach package is designed with the best locations for a good viewing and interaction with elephants and a serene stay along the sunny golden sands of Sri Lanka’s tropical shores.

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Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Discovery Tour and Beach HolidaySri Lanka Sri Lanka Discovery Tour and Beach Holidayfrom £989 
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Excursions of Sri Lanka Bird Watching, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Peradeniya Botanical GardensPeradeniya Botanical GardensKandyhill country
 Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is the foremost of its kind in Sri Lanka in both size and splendour. It was created by the Kandyan King for the enjoyment of the aristocracy. Today the gardens have an orchid house, spice garden, Japanese garden, picturesque lake filled with water lilies and more.

Sri Lanka Kandy Evening Cultural Dance ShowKandy Evening Cultural Dance ShowKandyhill country
 In the late evening be escorted to a performance of the energetic traditional Kandyan Cultural Dance show, accompanied by tumultuous drumming and climaxes with the amazing fire-walking show.

Sri Lanka Negombo Village TourNegombo Village TourNegombocapital colombo
 The Camelot Beach Hotel is situated in the old fishing town of Negombo; guests can explore the town and view many of its colonial style buildings and architecture of old. Negombo is considered one of the islands' largest fishing ports, guests can view the multitudes of colourful catamarans which line the shore after hauling in their nets.
Negombo is approximately 10 Km away from Sri Lanka's Katunayake International Airport, Camelot Beach Hotel is itself approximately 13 Km from the airport. Guests can take a drive towards the bustling city of Colombo which is approximately 37 Km away from the hotel.

Sri Lanka Muthurajawela MarshMuthurajawela MarshNegombocapital colombo
 Muthurajawela Marsh is a distinctive wetland habitat on the Negombo lagoon in the south of the town of Negombo.

Sri Lanka Negombo Fishing HarbourNegombo Fishing HarbourNegombocapital colombo
 Despite this fact Negombo has become a popular tourist destination, Negombo has still managed to maintain its traditional fishing heritage. Visit the Negombo harbour to see the fisherman who are still trying to earn their daily living through long established fishing practices.

Sri Lanka St Marys ChurchSt Marys ChurchNegombocapital colombo
 One of Negombo’s most important structures is St. Mary’s Church. This holy building is lavish and grand in nature, standing tall amidst other structures in the town.

Sri Lanka Millennium Elephant FoundationMillennium Elephant FoundationKegallehill country
 The Millennium Elephant Foundation, come Experience, Volunteer and Rescue these Gentle Giants and give them a second chance for a life they deserve.

Sri Lanka Maximus 'Jumbo Poo Paper' ProjectMaximus 'Jumbo Poo Paper' ProjectKandyhill country
 Experience the ingenious concept of conservation through 'Jumbo Poo Paper'. Introducing Maximus (Pvt) Ltd, which specialises in the production of this eco friendly and elephant aided paper, the company also aids in the conservation of elephants.

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Train Journey from Colombo to KandySri Lanka Train Journey from Colombo to KandyKandyhill country
 The Colombo to Kandy train ride is a deservedly popular Sri Lanka train journey to take to get an up-close feel for Sri Lanka’s dramatic, scenic landscape, and, in just three hours, takes you from sweltering coastal lowlands to cool inland hills.

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Train Journey from Kandy to EllaSri Lanka Train Journey from Kandy to EllaEllahill country
 The Sri Lanka train tour from Kandy to Ella is one of the finest in Asia and maybe even one of the world’s great rail journeys. The scenic beauty you will experience on the Kandy to Ella train route via Nuwara Eliya is something you will never forget. Talk to Travel Sri Lanka about including this excursion in your holiday.

Sri Lanka Ella GapElla GapEllahill country
 Of all the things to see in Sri Lanka Ella Gap offers one of the most spectacular panorama vistas in the south of the country through a narrow cleft in the hills down to the plains below. The whole route to Ella is amazing but most stunning of all is Ella Gap itself.

Sri Lanka Anuradhapura Ancient City TourAnuradhapura Ancient City TourAnuradhapuraancient cities
 Anuradhapura ancient city in Sri Lanka is a magical place. Anuradhapura features some of the most ancient archaeological treasures in Sri Lanka dating back to the 4th century BC. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites that must be missed.

Sri Lanka Polonnaruwa Ancient City TourPolonnaruwa Ancient City TourPolonnaruwaancient cities
 Polonnaruwa ancient city remains one of the best planned archaeological relic sites in the country, standing testimony to the discipline and greatness of the Kingdom's first rulers. The ancient city of Polonnaruwa has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Sri Lanka Sigiriya Rock FortressSigiriya Rock FortressSigiriyaancient cities
 Sigiriya Rock Fortress is another fascinating World Heritage site dating back to the 5th century which was once a stronghold for a king who sought refuge. It remains on a 200 meter high rock with magnificent views of the surrounding jungle.

Sri Lanka Pinnawela Elephant OrphanagePinnawela Elephant OrphanageKegallehill country
 Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage is home for nearly 84 young and old orphaned elephants. Feed the baby elephants and watch them play and plod down to the river for their daily bath.

Sri Lanka Royal City of Kandy TourRoyal City of Kandy TourKandyhill country
 The last capital for the ancient kings of Sri Lanka, the region of Kandy or “Maha Nuwara” in Sinhala is the second largest city in the Island after Colombo. Kandy is the Capital of the Islands Central Province and home to many lush tea plantations and the revered Temple of the Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa) this temple is a holy site to Buddhists the world over and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988.

Sri Lanka Uda Walawe National Park SafariUda Walawe National Park SafariUdawalawesouth coast
 The Uda Walawe National Park has around 500 wild elephants populating the area in large herds, it is an ideal place to see these majestic pachyderms in their natural surroundings.

Sri Lanka Yala National Park TourYala National Park TourYalasouth coast
 Yala National Park or Ruhuna National Park is the second largest and most visited national park in Sri Lanka. It is one of the best parks in the world to observe and photograph leopards.

Sri Lanka Minneriya National Park SafariMinneriya National Park SafariPolonnaruwaancient cities
 Dominated by the ancient Minneriya Tank, Minneriya National Park has plenty of scrub and light forest in its 8890 hectares to provide shelter for its toque macaques, sambar deer, leopards and elephants – to name a few.

Sri Lanka Horton PlainsHorton PlainsNuwara Eliyahill country
 Horton Plains is one of the most popular and a unique natural attraction in Sri Lanka. It is located 2000m high plateau 28km south of Nuwara Eliya and its known for its beautiful landscapes, rare plants, animal life and World’s End where the plains comes suddenly to an end.

Sri Lanka T20 Super Eight Day 1 MatchesT20 Super Eight Day 1 MatchesKandyhill country

Sri Lanka T20 Super Eight Day 3 MatchesT20 Super Eight Day 3 MatchesKandyhill country

Sri Lanka Adams peakAdams peakRatnapurahill country
 The 2,243 m (7,360-ft) high summit is situated in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary called Peak Wilderness. According to Buddhist history the footprint at the summit of the mountain is of Lord Buddha, left during his third visit to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Singharaja Rain ForestSingharaja Rain ForestSinharajahill country
 Sinharaja Rain Forest’s biodiversity makes it one of Sri Lanka’s seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Sinharaja Rain Forest is a great location for general wildlife enthusiasts and a must for bird watchers.

Sri Lanka T20 Super Eight Day 5 MatchesT20 Super Eight Day 5 MatchesKandyhill country

Sri Lanka Ella Adventure ParkElla Adventure Park  

Sri Lanka Elephant Back SafariElephant Back SafariSigiriyaancient cities
 In the afternoon take an optional Elephant Back Safari through the forests and villages of Habarana/Sigiriya.

Sri Lanka Rawana EllaRawana EllaEllahill country
 The spectacular 25m-high Rawana Ella waterfall cascades from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop is known to be one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Its main drop is 30 feet in height and the grandest aspect of the Rawana Ella waterfall is its wild look amidst the wilderness.

Sri Lanka BelihuloyaBelihuloyaEllahill country
 Belihul Oya is a very picturesque little hamlet of untouched wilderness, bordering two streams - Weli Oya and Kosgam Oya. The region is famous for its biodiversity

Sri Lanka Wilpattu National ParkWilpattu National ParkEllahill country
 Wilpattu is one of the oldest National Parks in Sri Lanka, spanning from the northwest coast inland towards the ancient capital of Anuradhapura. The park consists of willus (Natural lakes), dry-lowland forests, scrublands, open grasslands and the coastal belt.

Sri Lanka Knuckles Mountain RangeKnuckles Mountain RangeKandyhill country
 The Knuckles Mountain Range is located towards the North East of the City of Kandy and offers one of the most breathtaking climbs among the Sri Lankan hill country. The region is a paradise for all outdoor mountainous activities.

Sri Lanka Canoeing at Samanala WewaCanoeing at Samanala WewaBelihul Oyahill country
 If you are visiting Belihuloya, Canoeing at Samanala Wewa is a must. The still calm waters of the Samanala Wewa reservoir are perfect for canoeing.

Sri Lanka Trekking at BelihuloyaTrekking at BelihuloyaEllahill country
 Thanks to the untouched wilderness of Belihuloya and the two streams that surround the borders, Weli Oya and Kosgam Oya, it is a great place for trekking.

Sri Lanka Turtle Observation Camp at RekawaTurtle Observation Camp at RekawaTangallasouth coast
 The small fishing village of REKAWA has a pioneering conservation project to protect the turtles that returns to the Rekawa beach every year.

Sri Lanka White water rafting at KitulgalaWhite water rafting at KitulgalaKitulgalacapital colombo
 Kitulgala is one of Sri Lanka’s main rafting locations. Come and experience White Water Rafting in the picturesque Kelani River, covering 4 minor rapids to 5 major rapids.

Sri Lanka Belilena CaveBelilena CaveKitulgalahill country
 Belilena cave situated in the forests of Kitulgala is a very large cave, in which the 12,000 year old skeletal remains of the prehistoric man have been found. Trek through the forests in order to reach the cave.

Sri Lanka Glass Bottom Boat tour at HikkaduwaGlass Bottom Boat tour at HikkaduwaHikkaduwasouth coast
 Hikkaduwa, the region is a famous tourist destination for its pristine beaches and corals. The Coral Garden here is considered to be the best out of all such coral gardens found in Asia. It is carpeted with colorful corals and populated by countless colourful tropical fish.

Sri Lanka Snorkeling at HikkaduwaSnorkeling at HikkaduwaHikkaduwasouth coast
 Hikkaduwa, renowned for its beach and the corals and it is a popular tourist destination. The Coral Garden here is considered to be the best out of all such coral gardens found in Asia. It is carpeted with colorful corals and populated by countless tropical fish and turtles.

Sri Lanka Whale and Dolphin Watching at MirissaWhale and Dolphin Watching at MirissaMirissasouth coast
 Increased sightings of dolphins and both blue whales and sperm whales off the southern coast of the island have now opened up a window of opportunity see these mammals in their natural habitats.

Sri Lanka Dolphin and Whale Watching at Kalpitiya areaDolphin and Whale Watching at Kalpitiya areaKalpitiyawest coast
 Kalpitiya is remarkably untouched by tourism yet despite its natural beauty. It is one of the best places to see spinner dolphins and whales. If you are lucky enough you will spot a large pod of dolphins as they glide and jump out of the water, showing off their impressive acrobatic skills.

Sri Lanka Kite Surfing at KalpitiyaKite Surfing at KalpitiyaKalpitiyawest coast
 Kalpitiya has become one of the hot spots for kite surfing in Sri Lankan. People from all around world come to Kalpitiya lagoon which has a 100 meter wide strip of sand separated by the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka Wilpattu National ParkWilpattu National ParkWilpattuwest coast
 Wilpattu is one of the oldest National Parks in Sri Lanka Located in Northwest coast lowland dry zone of Sri Lanka. Featuring over 31 species of mammals and a diverse list of reptiles and amphibians.

Sri Lanka Train Journey to hill countryTrain Journey to hill countryEllahill country
 Arguably there is no better way to experience Sri Lanka’s incredible hill country than to take to Sri Lanka’s iconic rail network that dates back to the period of British colonial rule that is still as charming as it was then.

Sri Lanka Highlands Tea Plantation and Tea FactoryHighlands Tea Plantation and Tea FactoryNuwara Eliyahill country
 Drive through the stunning highlands of Sri Lanka, you will realise why Sri Lanka is one of the world's largest exporters of tea and is where the renowned standard of ‘Ceylon Tea' comes from.

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Sri Lanka Hotel SigiriyaHotel Sigiriya3 Star +SigiriyaHotelInland Stay

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Sri Lanka Jetwing Ayurveda PavilionsJetwing Ayurveda Pavilions4 Star +NegomboHotel, BoutiqueBeach Stay

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Sri Lanka Mahaweli Reach HotelMahaweli Reach Hotel5 Star KandyHotelInland Stay

Sri Lanka Mount HavanaMount HavanaBoutiqueKandyVillaInland Stay

Sri Lanka Paradise Beach HotelParadise Beach Hotel3 Star NegomboHotelBeach Stay

Sri Lanka Randholee Luxury ResortRandholee Luxury Resort4 Star PlusKandyHotelInland Stay

Sri Lanka Seashells HotelSeashells Hotel3 Star NegomboHotelBeach Stay

Sri Lanka The Blue Heaven Guest HouseThe Blue Heaven Guest House2 Star +KandyGuest HouseInland Stay

Sri Lanka The Travel HouseThe Travel House3 Star SigiriyaHotelInland Stay

Sri Lanka Theva ResidencyTheva Residency5 Star KandyBungalow,BoutiqueInland Stay

Sri Lanka Thilanka HotelThilanka Hotel3 Star KandyHotelInland Stay

Sri Lanka Tree Of Life HotelTree Of Life Hotel3 Star KandyHotelInland Stay

Sri Lanka Vill Uyana SigiriyaVill Uyana Sigiriya5 Star +SigiriyaHotel,BoutiqueInland Stay

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Travel Sri Lanka Adventure


There is no better or more exhilarating way to discover Sri Lanka’s spectacular scenery and nature than through Sri Lanka adventure holiday offered by Travel Sri Lanka. More...
Travel Sri Lanka Anniversary


Going on a romantic holiday to a tropical paradise such as Sri Lanka can be a great way to celebrate your anniversary. More...
Travel Sri Lanka Ayurvedic


Sri Lanka's ancient history has a page devoted to the world of "Ayurveda" meaning the science of life and is the most scientific and complete system of preventative and curative medical care known to mankind. More...
Travel Sri Lanka Culture


The culture of Sri Lanka has been influenced by many things in the past, but the country has managed to retain much of its ancient, rich aspects. More...
Travel Sri Lanka Golf


Golf has taken hold in Sri Lanka and is beginning to gather quite a following, speak with our experienced holiday planners; they will help you plan out a holiday which will keep you within range of Sri Lanka’s finest greens. More...
Travel Sri Lanka Half Board

Half Board

For those who enjoy a light lunch and occasional soft and alcoholic drinks when on holiday, we advise you to go on a half board holiday to Sri Lanka. More...

Sri Lanka Weather

Sri Lanka weather is slightly complicated by having two monsoons and an inter-monsoonal period when rain can occur in many parts of the island. As a result, Sri Lanka has become an all year around travel destination. More...

Best Time to Travel to Sri Lanka

Visitors come to Sri Lanka all year around. Sri Lanka’s climate means that it is always the ‘right’ beach season somewhere on the coast. More...

Sri Lanka Visa Requirements

Sri Lanka tourists visa regulations are simple. USA and most European countries receive 30 days tourist visa on arrival. More...

Foreign Embassies in Sri Lanka

As a tourist, it is always important to know where the foreign embassy is in Sri Lanka and what they can and cannot do to help you. More...

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Mermaid Hotel and Club
Sri Lanka Mermaid Hotel and Club
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3 Star +  Sri Lanka Beach Hotel.
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The Blue Water Hotel
Sri Lanka The Blue Water Hotel
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5 Star   Sri Lanka Beach Hotel.
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Saman Villas
Sri Lanka Saman Villas
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5 Star   Sri Lanka Beach Hotel.
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